Sunseeker Events has been put together by event managers in Magaluf with over 20 years experience and is part owned and managed by Jordan Davies from ITVs the Magaluf and Ibiza Weekender. Together we have hand picked Magaluf’s hottest events for this summer aswell as putting on some of our own events which can be purchased exclusively from our website.

Here at Sunseeker we have spent the last 20 years in Magaluf experiencing all the island has to offer, we have carefully selected the best events so you can be sure that any event booked through us has been tried and tested by our team and have all been rated 5 stars, we do not settle for anything less. As well as selling each event individually we have also put together The Magaluf Event Pass which give you access to ALL of Magalufs top events with just 1 pass. This can not be purchased on any other website.

Magaluf Event Pass

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Access all of Magaluf’s top events with 1 pass

Magaluf Booze cruise

MTV pool party

Jungle invasion

Gringos Bingo

Spring Break Pool party

Spring Break

F**k me im famous

Magaluf Club pass


Hotel / Shop price £300


Total Savings £201